The applications imoove-vet


Functional rehabilitation

Controlled and physiological rehabilitation without risk and without danger: for ligament rupture, fractures, herniated discs... After orthopaedic or neurological surgery, including early post-operation.

« After 3 weeks of imoove vet sessions, she asks to make longer walks, she raises better, she is more alert and she fetches her ball again. Decrease of medical treatment (from 1 pill per week to 1 pill every two weeks now). »
Téquila, Labrador, 13 years old


Mobility of the aging animal

Gentle and progressive therapy for the elderly or ageing animal. Return to satisfactory mobility to maintain independence. Reduction in the need for medication.

« Handsome Vulcain is about to blow his 14 birthday candles. As all the old dogs, his walk becomes slower and his muscle structure atrophies. But Vulcain suffers from a severe cardiac pathology, which, even if well managed medically, bans him the slightest effort and exposes him to danger by the least breathlessness.
So, for taking care of his mobility and for being able to strengthen his musculature and thus maintaining him steady as long as possible, there is only one solution : imoove-vet! »
Ludivine Jacquemin-Bietrix, Veterinarian Doctor


Sport’s, racing or working dogs training

Sports preparation to optimise performance and agility. Muscle strengthening and proprioception work. Physical activity for injury prevention.

« Interesting early in the season to prepare the dog for the competition and avoid injuries. Justy seems to become more powerful and quicker and upswings better after a jump when doing a short leap. »
Justy’s owner, following the clinic study undertaken on agility dogs


Becoming fit

Adapted physical activity in overweight animals. Mobility regained in sedentary animals. Adapted and gentle exercise in the breeding bitch after giving birth.

« Functional check-up after 1 month of sessions (following the removal of two tumors in 2010). Today, he is able to go up and down the stairs, all is done from now on without any fear. He stands on his paws beside us and he lasts longer when going out (2 hours shamelessness). + 2 cm tight circumference. A positive experience for Badoum and myself. »
Badoum, Border collie, 8 years old

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