The 3D physiological movement

for Veterinarian Doctor

The origin

Allcare innovations has been operating for years in the fields of functional rehabilitation, physical medicine and human sports performance rehabilitation. We have developed a range of unique motorized platforms to meet the needs of biomechanics professionals.

Our meeting with the Veterinary Doctor Ludivine JACQUEMIN-BIETRIX was at the origin of the development of a specific mobilization plateform. We worked together to create a platform dedicated to physical health and animal welfare.

Gianfranco TUDICO
rotation de la plateforme
inclinaison de la plateforme
excentration de la plateforme

3D destabilization platform

Exclusive Patent

imoove is a physiological simulator of organic movement. The imoove elispheric® movement is unique in the world. It is a curved movement in the 3 planes of space, which follows spiral trajectories.

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Designed and manufactured in France

Physiology of balance

Did you know it?

What is happening on the unstable platform imoove-vet with the unique wordwilde 3D physiological movement?

The evolution of animal proprioception

I am

  • Veterinarian
  • Surgeon
  • Veterinary Specialist Assistant
  • a Veterinary Hospital
  • a Veterinary Practice
  • a general clinic

The benefits

Thanks to its nervous system, the animal’s body reacts to even the slightest destabilisation. The imoove-vet platform shifts its centre of gravity and forces it to compensate in order not to fall. Changes in the body’s position are detected by sensory sensors inside and outside the body (proprioceptors) as well as by the inner ear and vision. The brain integrates all this information and then sends appropriate messages to the muscles to contract in an orderly and coordinated way to keep the body in balance.

Balance and proprioception
Strengthening of muscles
Joint micro-mobilisation
Neuro-motor reprogramming

The applications





Diversify your services




imoove-vet offers the possibility of developing customer loyalty and diversifying its services through innovative, original and differentiating care, which meets the daily needs of a veterinary clinic.

Gentle and physiological, it allows an adapted, controlled, progressive and reproducible treatment for all profiles: post-operative re-education, training of sporting dogs, prevention of ageing animals.

By the Veterinarian Doctor

By the assistant

In autonomy

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