imoove for snowboard preparation

imoove for snowboard preparation

« Fluidity, glide and balance in movement. »

Snow sports require a good level of fitness and balance. Find out how to use imoove to prepare for snowboarding.

“Every year, more than 8 million downhill skiers and snowboarders wait impatiently for the first snow and the school holidays to indulge in their favourite sport. But be warned, this sport is not without its risks… Nearly 200,000 people are injured every year. To limit the risk of injury, So it’s important to prepare for snowboarding before the winter season gets underway.

Frequent pathologies

According to a study by the INSEP – medical department, the main reasons for consulting a high-level snowboarder are often due to speed or fatigue.

Injuries can affect the lower limbs (anterior cruciate ligaments, knee sprains, etc.) as well as the upper limbs (shoulder injury, scaphoid fracture, acromioclavicular dislocation, etc.).

The benefits

On snowboarders and all types of sportsmen and women, imoove® allows you to :

  • Gain strength and tone,
  • have a better balance,
  • Reduce the risk of injury.

Training on imoove® also makes it possible to carry out a dynamic postural assessment which determines the athlete’s faults, and allows him to be placed in his natural patterns.
By adding imoove® to their training process, snowboarders can improve their performance and reduce the risk of injury.

The word of the physical trainer

imoove’s 3D movement gives you a real gliding sensation. It specifically mobilises the muscles and joints that are particularly in demand when snowboarding. It’s the perfect combination of deep dynamic or static strengthening and flexibility.


Fitness trainer

The therapist's opinion

imoove puts sportspeople back into their functional context for rehabilitation, reathletisation and overall neuromotor performance. It also allows you to assess your body’s support and coordination strategies.

Jean-Michel GRAND

Physiotherapist Sports osteopath

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