imoove for rugby training

The use of imoove in rugby preparation

« Physical preparation and injury prevention. »

Rugby is a complete sport combining contact, running and falling. This explains both the variety and the number of injuries, mainly traumatic.

Rugby players need endurance, power, proprioception and coordination to move as quickly as possible. To achieve this, physical preparation must be effective and, above all, combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Frequent pathologies

The lower limbs are most often affected. Nevertheless, serious accidents are rare in this sport.

Joint injuries of the upper and lower limbs account for almost a third of these injuries, which mainly affect the shoulder and knee.

Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligamentFractures: collarbone, shoulder, wrist, handAnkle sprainTendonitis

The benefits

On a rugby player, imoove® technology will make it possible to :

  • Precise support,
  • An optimum position,
  • Global coordination,
  • Adapted muscle power.

Training on imoove® also makes it possible to carry out a dynamic postural assessment which determines the athlete’s faults, and allows him to be placed in his natural patterns.
By adding imoove® to their training process, rugby players can improve their performance and reduce the risk of injury.

The word of the physical trainer

Thanks to the instability it generates, imoove allows you to work on your core muscles in depth, which is essential for contact and constant combat during the match.


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