imoove for handball training

Using imoove for handball training

« Acquire strength, endurance and speed through movement. »

With over 330,000 licensed players and more than 2,300 clubs across France in 2021 (source: FFHandball), handball is a complete sport. It’s a pivotal contact and throwing sport. Injuries mainly occur during competition, especially in attacking phases.

So, in the hope of building the most successful team possible, it is vital to take into account the various factors that surround it. The focus will be on the player’s own qualities: athletic ability, strength, endurance, speed, power, flexibility, etc.

The handball player is an athlete who requires complete physical preparation: upper and lower limbs, sheathing and motor skills.

With imoove, physical preparation will be complete, taking all muscle groups into account.

Frequent pathologies

The main handball-related injuries mainly affect the lower limbs :

Shoulder fractureRupture of the anterior cruciate ligamentTraumatic rupture of the Achilles tendonDislocation or chronic shoulder pain

Joint injuries of the upper and lower limbs account for almost a third of these injuries, which mainly affect the shoulder.

The benefits

imoove® first of all develops muscle strengthening and coordinated sheathing of the cervico-scapular muscles, as well as the control and power of the arms that hold the handles.

Training with imoove® technology also provides :
– Precise support,
– An optimum position,
– Global coordination,
– Adapted muscle power.

Training on imoove® also enables us to carry out a dynamic postural assessment of the player’s faults and to put them back into their natural patterns. This increases performance and reduces the risk of injury.

The word of the physical trainer

Violent changes of support. Intense physical contact. Highly technical shots, and above all very demanding on the shoulder joint.

That, in a nutshell, is what characterises this fun and exciting sport, which requires rigorous physical preparation thanks to imoove. The depth of the muscular work done by the machine will prepare, strengthen and even repair the areas that are particularly stressed.


Fitness trainer

The therapist's opinion

imoove is particularly effective at optimising the handball player’s suspension shot, which requires open skill, i.e. the use of open cross chains.
This gesture has to adapt to the context of a permanently unstable environment, which the elispheric movement of the set reproduces perfectly. Support work, cross-chain skill work and proximal/distal work: shoulder – elbow – hand.

Frédéric DUBAYLE


imoove is perfectly suited to the handball throw, known as the “broken arm” throw, which is performed with one hand, the latter being above the shoulder line when the object is released.

Complex, high-performance speed-strength-gesture skill training, endouble-tasking via the imoove screen and its interactive targets.

In practice, the use of a progressive amplitude and speed board simulates all field positions and the instability of contact between players.

Work on the upper limb using external running with progressive and variable elastic resistance (movement) and internal running (strength training) on a fixed point.

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