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imoove 300 is customizable: configurable with the hardware and software functions which meet your needs.



imoove 4D dynamic postural check-up

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Correct, strengthen and prevent

Neuro exercises

Sport – Health

Physical preparation

Performance optimization

reeducation sportive imoove

Injury prevention

plateforme kine - imoove

Health prevention

Frédéric Baille, physiotherapist

Limitless working opportunities

“… I use it in traumatology: work on a fracture with one’s body weight, proprioceptive rehabilitation of sprains, … In orthopedics, I use it for rehabilitation after the fitting of a replacement operation of a hip, a knee, an ankle, a shoulder… In rheumatology, it allows cervical, dorsal and lumbar stretches, particularly with people suffering from spine pain. In neurology, it is effective for balance work and overall muscle maintenance on patients with Alzheimer Disease or suffering from multiple sclerosis. In spinal rehabilitation and postural education on teenagers … And also, in post-natal rehabilitation and for the sportspeople rehabilitation …”

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analyse appuis coordination -gainage

Range of colours & customization

imoove - materiel cabinet kine

Silver grey

imoove - equipement cabinet kine


imoove - equipement cabinet kine


Receive the detailed description sheet

Dynamic Biofeedback Control software

3D postural check-up in 1 minute

Combined analysis: upper limbs, lower limbs
Stability, supports’ strategy and coordination

bilan postural imoove - materiel kine

Dynamic Live Control

Neuro-motor double tasks exercises:

Cognitive stimulations
Balance – coordination – dissociation

reeducation neuromotrice - kine


-Change of direction of rotation:
frequency and intensity


Balance exercises with random and progressive movement
20 or 30 minutes Reboost, Sport and Fitness programs

imoove trainings

Take part in our initial training sessions and also in the specific ones, which combine theory and practical application in order to acquire the pedagogy that surrounds our technologies and their innovative treatment method. Training is provided by trainers who are healthcare practitioners, enthusiastic of transferring their know-how.

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