Inline skating training

Using imoove for inline skate training

An endurance sport. Inline skating is an integral part of everyday life, particularly as a means of getting around, but it is still a sport. Nearly 4 million people regularly use roller skates in France (source: FFRoller). Over the last twenty years, cycling has become increasingly popular as a sport, a leisure activity and a means of transport.

It’s a pivotal all-round sport that recruits 90% of the body’s muscles and requires endurance, speed, balance and technical skill.

Frequent pathologies

The main pathologies encountered by inline skaters are :

ContusionFracture: Wrist and ankleDislocation and sprainOpen wound

The benefits

imoove® Roller specific allows you to improve, point by point, the fundamentals of the sport and your overall performance. imoove® technology will enable :
– Precise support,
– An optimum position,
– Global coordination,
– Adapted muscle power.

Training on imoove® also enables us to carry out a dynamic postural assessment of the roller-skater’s faults and put her back into her natural patterns. This increases performance and reduces the risk of injury.

The word of the physical trainer

By working on stability and support, imoove develops the physical qualities needed for sliding sports like rollerblading.

The movement of the 3D plate reproduces and exacerbates the transfer of support and the dissociation of the body’s girdles that are essential for efficient, balanced gliding.


Fitness trainer

The therapist's opinion

imoove, thanks to its elispheric movement, restores the balance of support and allows you to work on dissociating the upper and lower parts of the body.


Masseur-Physiotherapist Osteopath

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