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imoove 600 is customizable: configurable with the hardware and software functions which meet your needs.


Relieve tension and pain

Correct, strengthen and prevent

Regain mobility


Sport – Health

Performance optimization

Physical preparation

Dynamic training and muscular strengthening

Injury prevention

JM. Grand, physiotherapist and osteopath

“imoove allows to objectify failures and achievements of the patient”

imoove is very easy to use and it is intuitive. I have quickly incorporated it in my cabinet and in my daily practice.

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A. GSELL, fitness trainer for the alpine ski French team

“Elispheric movement is particularly relevant in our discipline”

I would add that imoove also allows a work on strengthening the back, always in the movement. It is a very important element in a preventive and/or curative practice for mechanical stresses that athletes will be able to come across on the snow.

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Range of colours & customization

Silver grey




Receive the detailed description sheet

Dynamic Biofeedback Control software

3D postural check-up in 1 minute

Combined analysis: upper limbs, lower limbs
Stability, supports’ strategy and coordination

Dynamic Live Control

Neuro-motor double tasks exercises:

Cognitive stimulations
Balance – coordination – dissociation


-Change of direction of rotation:
frequency and intensity


Balance exercises with random and progressive movement
20 or 30 minutes Reboost, Sport and Fitness programs

imoove trainings

Take part in our initial training sessions and also in the specific ones, which combine theory and practical application in order to acquire the pedagogy that surrounds our technologies and their innovative treatment method. Training is provided by trainers who are healthcare practitioners, enthusiastic of transferring their know-how.


I use imoove every day.

David M.Physiotherapist

A 93-year-old patient with AMD who has regained confidence to move around.

Pascal F.Physiotherapist

We have 30 to 40 imoove sessions per day.

Pascal C.Fitness center

imoove is like an assistant collaborator, but more important, it is a tool which allows the work in the philosophy of movement.

David M.Physiotherapist

imoove allows to obtain very good results and great achievements on aging people and on lumbagos.

David M.Physiotherapist

imoove provides accuracy in movement, comfort for the patient and time saving as it is effective.

Delphine C.Physiotherapist

imoove provides a huge therapeutic complement as a physiotherapy platform.

David M.Physiotherapist

imoove provides a work complement which is perfect with the rest of my equipment.

Pascal F.Physiotherapist

In addition to being effective, children often demand their ride on “carousel”.

Delphine C.Physiotherapist

A little apprehensive often, but they quickly achieve to seize imoove and find it quite playful.

Pascal F.Physiotherapist

Clients cannot live without it.

Pascal C.Fitness center

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